APR Full Catch Can System MK7 · 5NA Tiguan · MK1 Arteon · 8V A3 · S3 · 8S TT · TTS 1.8T · 2.0T



The APR Catch Can System with PCV Plate is a comprehensive upgrade to your engine’s Positive Crank Ventilation (PCV) system.  This factory-racecar-inspired-system takes a multi-step approach to addressing several performance robbing issues, and critical engine safety concerns, with the factory system.

The basis for the system is simple: Your engine’s factory PCV system has several issues.  The APR Catch Can System with PCV Plate addresses each one.

Some vehicles have a washer fluid reservoir / fill neck located near the engine side motor mount, which blocks the install of our MS100199 Full Catch Can System. Our washer fluid reservoir replaces the factory fill neck with a new system to allow installation of our catch can system. This fill neck is directly plug and play and is made from black anodized aluminum with a silicon neck tube and billet feed adapter, which looks great next to our catch can system.

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